Monday, November 17, 2014

LUSH AESTHETICS - Almalase Laser

Was invited to Lush Aesthetics to try out their Laser Treatment. 

As it has been quite some time since my bestie and I have had the chance to hang out, we took the opportunity to indulge in our favorite activity to pose, taking candid pictures and videos whilst waiting for our turn to for our laser treatments. 

We were supposed to try out their facial treatment known as Almalase Laser.  This facial treatment is non-invasive and is generally has no downtime. It is supposed to help stimulate collagen and improve elasticity and firming for the face. Other benefits includes reduction of wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, whitening and helping to lighten uneven skin tone. 

The treatment procedure was around 30-45 mins as the therapist initially went ahead with double cleansing prior to performing the laser on half of my face to show me the difference the laser treatment made. 

 For me personally, I noticed my skin was slightly more radiant after the Almalase Laser. Overall, I am happy that I had a more radiant look to chill and shop with my bestie in the heart of town.


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