Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleansing and Detoxification of the Body for Better Health - AVALON and B & H

How do I know if I need to go through detoxification process?
Lack of energy, bad breath or body odour, weight problems, insomnia, mood swings, inability to concentrate, headaches, pains in muscles and joints, etc are some symptoms that our body requires detoxification.
Personal Recommendation:
Based on my own personal experience on what had worked for me out of many brands that I have tried for detoxification without the laxative effects, the below 2 brands have been the most effective for me - One more of the Western and the other more of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Do note that I am not sponsored or paid by either brands. I purchased all of them through my own pocket.
Nonethless, I don't mind if both brands chance upon this and sponsor me for life =) **Prancing around** I will save alot!!!
Do note I have researched some information and pulled some of the more essential summary from their Official website to share with you readers:
AVALON Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules - Detox. Cleansing. Renew
See results in 3 days; Rebirth of well-being in 30 days
Environmental pollution, hectic lifestyles and poor dietary habits create a negative impact on our bodies, causing our immune system to weaken and our digestive system to be strained. Our inability to clear built up toxins in our body results in what is commonly known as "overnight waste" — as such, we become lethargic and our stomach begin to bloat. Over time, our health gets affected and we become burdened with all sorts of illness. To resolve the problem, we can adopt lifestyle and diet changes or consume natural detoxifying products regularly to cleanse our body of toxic waste and to supplement it with nutrients. Supplement a healthy lifestyle with AVALON™ Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules is one great choice that we can use!
Healing Goodness through the Ages
Since ancient times, the juice of Aloe Vera is widely deemed as a panacea for all ailments with miraculous healing powers. The wonder plant was used in the beauty regime of Egyptian Queens, and during World War II, the Japanese also used essence of Aloe Vera to cure the wounds caused by atomic bombs. Modern research shows that Aloe Vera possesses detoxifying qualities that can strengthen the intestinal system, fight cancer, reduce radiation, lower blood pressure and sugar level, strengthen the immune system, reduce bloating and improve the quality of sleep.
B & H Capsules - Detoxification of The Liver, Lympathic System, Kidneys, Skin, Lungs and Colon
Removal of Toxins from the Body
B&H Capsule clears the path for the removal of toxins in the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, the meridian and vital organs via the major channels such as the digestive and urinary systems. B&H Capsule also adjusts the metabolism of the body by the application of its unique formulation, balancing the vital systems of the body to maintain a balance in the circulation of blood and oxygen, as well as the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ state of health.
Ingredients of B & H Capsule
B&H Capsule is made up of 5 main ingredients and other valuable herbs; it is a mild health supplement.
  1. Cynanchum Otophyllum Schneid (COS), a unique type of Ginseng found only in Yunnan, China, detoxifies and neutralizes the body.
  2. Panax Quinquefolium L. (American Ginseng) nourishes the lungs, reduces the ‘heat’ in the body and promotes the circulation of ‘qi’.
  3. Rubia Yunnanensis Diels (Little Red Ginseng) from Japan, nourishes and activates the blood, removes ‘stomach wind’ and regulates menstruation.
  4. Folium Nelumbinis (lotus leaf) helps to cool off the ‘heat’ and detoxifies the body.
  5. Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (Chinese herb) nourishes the spleen and improves the oxygen supply, mildly diuretic and reduces perspiration.
According to the theories of Chinese medicine, poor circulation of blood and oxygen supply may cause dysfunction of the large intestines and eventually result in constipation. Rubia Yunnanensis Diels (Little Red Ginseng) plays a vital role in aid of this situation. Manufacture of B&H Capsule is done so under stringent care and control. Tests such as the Heavy Metal Test are conducted on each batch to ensure the quality and efficacy of the product.
My own dosage:
First week (7 days)
2 capsules before bedtime
Second week (14 days)
2 capsules before bedtime
Third week (7 days)
2 capsules before bedtime
Recommended dosage:
Some people experience LS if they take 2 capsules, so you may wish to reduce to 1 capsule per day.
I guess my metabolism is not that good thus if I take 1 capsule, there is not much impact on my bowel movements.
If you are still not having regular bowel movements after 2 capsules a day, you may wish to take 2 capsules in the morning on a empty stomach instead of bedtime. I can't do that as I do have gastric problems.
I am a firm believer that everyone, man or women that detoxification is required to pass out any toxins from my body. In times of stress, beside doing the routine exercise, including more veggies and fruits diet as well as quality sleep, you may need some external help.
Basically for me, everytime when I undergo tremendously stressful periods under horrible bosses, I will tend to suffer from breakouts, poor disgestion, bloatness, flu and constipation. Perhaps, the toxins will harden and accumulate within my intenstines or in my body as if to rebel? Sounds super gross I know but you know imaginative mind of mine does wonder.
After consuming the capsules, it does helps to regulate my bowel movements, promotes better digestion and relieves any stomach bloatness thus I am able to have a more restful night sleep. You may want to regulate your dosage according to your preferences. Do note that I usually experience more "waste" especially in the first week though I am eating similar portion of food as usual. Thus, I think it might also have helped to clear the accumluated waste stuck somewhere along the pipe.
I would say give it a shot if you are comfortable or go research more information . Don't suffer in silence for constipation and as such!
Expect to have more regular and "Stink-er Waste Clearance" during the first phase. You may occassionally fart a fair bit ... So best to start on a friday night or you end up colleague-less.
As a cautionary reminder, please check with your GP if you are able to take them especially if you are suspectible to allergies to medication (regardless natural or not), pregnant and kiasu like me who are taking other medications.
I do not mix both.
If I am using in Month 1 for Aloe, complete the course and take one month break.
Then I start on B & H in Month 3.
Only minus points I can think of for the brands above is that these capsules are pretty expensive if taken on a very frequent and regular basis. :(  Inflation for my essentials !!! --__--


  1. Hello, can you tell me where can I get B&H in SG? Thanks.

    1. Hi, sorry for the delayed response. You can get them from Guardians or ususlly Chinese medical / herbs shops in SG. Eu Yan Sang don't have this though so you can give it a miss. Thanks.

  2. Hey June,

    U Purchase The B&H Off Shelf From Pharmacy !!! Do U Recommend To Buy Those From Distributor ??? As I Google The price & These Distributor Offer Cheaper Than Retail ...

    1. Hi, yup. Got it off the shelf as I think for such stuff, I would prefer to purchase it personally to check if it is sealed etc. Unless the distributor is located in SG and you can get it, go ahead. But for online, I do that mainly for my travels and shopping buys :-)

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