Wednesday, October 8, 2014


During this long break, June has decided to break out of her professional routine image and did something crazy.

Check out the crazy colours, who on Earth would be a fashion diaster like me putting purple on hands and sweet pink on the feet.

Super tipsy topsy but amazingly it matches the colour of moi Espirt flip flops!

For someone who has barely did her own manicure for less than 5 times, I guess this was the best I could do.

I think this is a pretty purple with a tinge of gold and it seemed to have 3D effects with different shades at different angles.

Got it from FACESHOP for fun whilst I can be free to do whatever I like before I officially start work and be back to boring old Junie!

Think their nail polish are of pretty good quality and best of all, it is not expensive =) though I really cannot recall the price.

I am almost like a "spend as you earn account" :(

Try this having vibrant colours if you are in a good mood like I am.

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