Monday, November 24, 2014

Beaute Ritual -Crème Simon

This blog is so long overdue as I managed to try out the items recently so long after I have been invited to their event. To be honest, it was not my first encounter with Crème Simon as I had the exclusive privilege to try out their hand cream prior to their launch in Singapore. I must say I am totally awed by it. Thus, you can imagine my joy when I knew that they will be launching a range of their products in Singapore. 

Some historical background on the founder of Crème Simon via Wikipedia

A pharmacist by trade, Joseph Simon built his first apothecary by the Rhône River in 1860. He would often come into contact with the French wives and washer women who would gather at the riverbanks of the Rhône River to do their laundry chores. 

Many of these women suffered from psoriasis (a painful skin condition whereby the skin is often red, dry and chapped), and eczema (sensitised and irritated skin) on their hands. Having ascertained that their condition is often triggered by constant exposure to the harsh environmental elements such as cold river water, sun, wind and temperature changes and common skin irritants such as soap, Joseph Simon sought for a natural remedy that could relieve their condition. 
The end product, known as the first cream to contain glycerine, a moisturising agent naturally derived from natural plant extracts, became an overwhelming success. A multi-purpose cream, it was also said to relieve mild abrasions and wounds, insect bites, rashes, and other skin irritations for face, hands and body. 

Apparently, this brought out a breakthrough, As word spread of this miracle cream, this humble remedy soon become the most coveted beauty treatment, prized by film stars, sold out in Paris, New York and the Far East Orient; and passed down from mothers to daugthers  as their sercet to beutiful skin. 

Here are some of reviews and benefits of the product range. My personal preferences would be the Crème Universelle & Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub if you have a limited budget and want to give one shot to trying some of their products.

Crème Universelle

Brightening Detox / 30 ml /  S$ 68.00 

This is my all time favourite. This cream is their iconic signature "miracle cream" known for its natural healing remedy. It helps to moisturize chapped lips, dry elbows, dry cuticles and relieve common skin irriations for me.Personally, this is definitely a must have for me. I loved how lightweight and moisturizing this feels on my skin plus it is a bonus with it's sweet smelling concoction. 

Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub

Brightening Detox / 75 ml /  S$ 68.00 

This creamy gentle scrub is another of my favourite. It feels gentle on the skin without making my skin feels too taut yet totally cleansed. As far as scrubs are concerned as I have combination to oily skin, this gentle scrub doesn't irriate my sensitive skin and helps keep my skin fresh and rejuvenated. I guess it is because it uses baby-safe cleansing ingredients. I love the way it helps keep my face perfectly cleansed, smooth, soft skin with a lovely fresh glow.

Restorative Light Night Moisturiser

Brightening Detox / 50 ml /  S$ 98.00 

Wake up to visibly brighter skin, as this unique gel-cream works through the night. Concentrated in potent active ingredients, your skin is refined and nourished without excessive richness. Embrace this nightly ritual for rested and regenerated skin.

Lymphatic Contouring and Lifting Gel

Brightening Detox / 75 ml /  S$ 98.00
Detox, De-Stress, Define. Aid your natural detoxification as you redefine facial contours and flush out toxins in a relaxing treatment. This exceptional gel turns into oil as you gently massage it onto your face, and transforms to a milky texture at water's touch for a perfect rinse-off. Your skin is left clean and refreshed, without any greasy after-feel.

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