Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amore Spa Massage @ Jurong Point Review

Let yourself free from the hustle and bustle of city life and step into realm of luxurious spa quietude. Rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalize yourself at Amore Boutique Spa.

Amore Boutique Spa is an award-winning spa and a category one licensed spa holder. Be pampered with a wide array of spa treats and enjoy the five-star spa facilities essential to ease your tensions away.
For her specific needs: Indulge in a host of offerings – body polish, milk bath, hydrobath, body wrap, massage, facials and body contouring treatments. Highly recommended is the luxurious Skin Regenerating Intensive Facial Treatment using the renowned COLLIN Paris products.

For the active him or her: We strongly recommend the acupressure massage treatment that corrects physiological imbalances in the body to ensure strong body immunity for overall wellbeing. Treatments focus on muscle groups that are overused and strained. Especially good for golfers and the sporty-active-fanatics!

 Treatment tried and tested as belowBody Polish
          Body Sculpting           

Botaroma Swedish Body Massage

Glacier Salt ScrubAn exotic blend of ingredients from the glacial waters of Northern Canada and Alaska are applied in this scrub. The perfect exfoliating, conditioning and softening treatment will reveal radiant skin.

Renewal Body PolishIncrease your sense of wellbeing with pure and natural plant extracts that gently soothe and hydrate your skin. This purifying polish is made up of a mild exfoliant and 100% pure essential oils of Bergamot, Ho Leaf, Lavender, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang. Removes dead skin cells, renews your skin to its best state and imparts a delightful sense of calm and wellbeing.

TheratoneAn advanced suction massage technique that tones up as it soothes and massage to improve on lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite in problem areas such as thighs and hips. A wonderful treatment that slenderises, shapes up and tones heavy legs!

VibrotrimTone up with advanced technology using the latest Vibrotherapy techniques. The gentle vibrations techniques help to speed up the breakdown of cellulite and fats and increase muscle circulation. Then, indulge in a warm wrap to induce perspiration and attain visible results. This encourages figure contouring coupled with improved circulation and metabolism.

Personal OpinionGenerally, I am a true blue believer of scrubs before anything else as it clears your dead skin cells making skin look more radiant and clearer. Most importantly, it allows your clean pores to fully absorb the beneficial benefits of essential oils and moisturizer. Both of the scrubs are pretty similar though I personally prefer and recommend the Renewal Body Polish as it sometimes relax my body and mind perhaps with the essential oils applied.

For massage-wise, this is one of the relaxing massages you ought to opt for during weekends especially. It helps to soothe and calm nerves. My masseur is pretty good as she has doe “tui-na” before and she never fails to work her magic on my meridian points using firm and slow movements despite it being only a relaxing massage. Extra brownie points for flexibility in her massage skills.

As for slimming, honestly I do not see much impact on my thighs and tummy. It is just as bulging as before (Ok, fine I am just anal about fats in me except for boobs area maybe?)
After I did one session of the toning session, I suffered from bruises as the machine was supposed to break down my fats and let my lymphatic system drain out the breakdown of fats via urine and stool. My fats didn’t break down, I did….. :=(  It was too much for me to bear with and it was my first and last try at that. I guess that is why I did not find it effective?

However, I have heard of others who are able to tolerate the suction and slim down quite a fair bit. More effective for inch loss than weight loss. For Vibrotrim, I believe this could improve blood circulation and metabolism due to the movements made and made my fats jiggle whilst on it. However after a few sessions, I honestly declare this ineffective (at least for me)

Location and ContactJurong Point 2
63 Jurong West Central 3
Hotline: 6226 7822

Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 10.30am to 10pm
Sat : 10.30 to 9.30pm
Sun : 10.30 to 9pm

Facilities: 8/10 (Spacious room at least enough space for me to dance around the bed )
Service: 8/10 (Overall, still ok).
Effectiveness: 10/10 (My therapist was very experienced and good )
Location: 8/10 (near Boon Lay  MRT)
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (Try their signature scrub and massage, you won’t regret. On the pricey side though even though I went for package deal)

Experience the therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange & Lavender essential oils to soothe all aches away, achieving ultimate relaxation.


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  3. No worries, another good massage place you can try is the House of Traditional Javanese Massage at Jurong Kechill :)

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