Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Traditional Javanese Massage Hut - West Coast Plaza

During this long break, I am back to my spa pampering treats for myself. As I was unemployed during this period of time, I wasted no time in indulging myself for my long lost freedom and "tai-tai" lifestyle though on a low budget one as I was income-less. =)

This is one of the things you can attempt without breaking the bank.

I have choosen the Hut 67- Signature Service which is bascially their trademark massage. No frills but pure firm massage to release the knots around my shoulder,neck, calves and spinal area. These are the concerns most working professionals especially ladies have.

You can choose either Herbal Oil or Olive Oil for your massage. However, do note for Herbal Oil, you can only bath after 2 hours after the massage.

Not sure if it was become it was off-peak period then (Wed 1530hrs) or because, it was a new opening at West Coast Plaza, there was a promotion for 1 for 1 massage at $60. Technically, we both paid $30 each for an hour massage. It was pretty much a value for money massage as I didn't want to spend too much during this period of time.

Despite the low budget, both my friend and I were assigned therapists whom I must say are pretty good and experienced.

My therapist, Nora was firm in her touch and helped release some of the knots and tension especially at my shoulder blade area. It wasn't the most relaxing of the massages as it is meant to help with better blood circulation after releasing knots, allowing the blood to flow smoothly throughout your entire body.

I have chosen Herbal Oil to be massaged on me and it was rather pleasant smelling. After an hour of massage, my body felt warm and I feel more refreshed and energetic as my muscles were more relaxed. I was able to sleep better that night too as my shoulders had been aching for weeks and a massage indeed made me feel good.

You can request your therapist to focus on areas of your concerns such as shoulders or calves if you ladies have been wearing too much of the heels.

Understand that this trademark therapy combines ancient Javanese healing techniques that target the body's 67 major acupressure points with smooth yet firm rhythmic stroking to revitalise and renew mind, body and soul.

I have attached their website for the list of treatments and massages which you may be keen to try out:

I would say try this if their promotion for 1 for 1 @$60 is still on. Usual Price is $60 for an hour massage.
Don't say I never share Good stuff with you readers =)

West Coast Plaza #02-20
Call 6774 7737 for more enquiries!

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