Check Out About Me?

Check out about me???

Skin Type: Combination to oily
Skin concerns: acne, acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and dark eye rings
Age Group: Late 20s- 30
Race: Chinese 
Occupation: Working professional with hectic lifestyle and schedule

I am a working professional and am primarily a sucker for anything beauty and spa, preferring to indulge in pampering treatments more than tangible goods. I go for frequent facials, massages and many other aesthetics treatments as I feel there is nothing better than to indulge and keep myself looking good after slogging so hard at work.

I enjoy trying out beauty treatments from neighborhood salons to high end salons from time to time to pamper myself and to relax since I work in a pretty dynamic and stressful environment. I do check out beauty products ranging from SKII to Korean/Japanese brands found in Watsons. I am pretty particular with regards to quality of the products and high professional services rendered by salons/ medical centers as both health and beauty are of equal importance to me. Having indulged in such beauty treatments and products at a young tender age of 18 when I was capable of earning my own keep, I am fairly experienced to tell the difference between an experienced therapist or not.

Being in the front line, I am unable to condone staff with attitude problems, pressurizing sales tactics when I have stated my stand upfront or ranting constantly whilst from the consultant room to treatment room to the end of the treatment. I think it is fair to recommend appropriate treatments and let your products/ services do the talking. Respect, Trust and Reputation are earned not pushed or insisted in any way.  Referrals are usually the best and cheapest way a company can gain a strong foothold for consumers’ market share. These are thoughts coming from my perspective even though I am a sales person.

Personally my main concerns would be sustaining a blemish-free and fair complexion without dark eye circles. Saying that, I am also concerned about my boobs, body and basically from head to toes. I mean, which women on earth isn’t concerned? Moreover in front line, I think impression counts so looking good and fresh at all times help a lot more. Any articles would tell you a good looker earns more than her peers. I think that is a fact, knowing how superficial everyone including me is in this modern society.

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We aim to help you establish a good reputation among consumers if you are able to provide quality, safe and effective products/services and need us to promote them. We will be glad to assist you in any reviews to provide more detailed information and our personal experiences to other consumers like ourselves. We, being in the frontline are impartial as we do know that you need positive reviews from us but nonetheless, this implies you as a company will be responsible for providing professional and quality products and services in order for us to actively promote you to the rest of the online media as we believe honesty and integrity are the only way you can establish your brand in the long run.