Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clinelle Blemish Clear Mask Review

Recently, my breakout of acne has subsidized comparatively quite a fair bit after I started using Clay Mask for my oily skin. As my skin doctor has warned me umpteen times for me to fully recover from cystic acne, I can only use clay mask to assist in clearing the blemishes. I was to avoid all other hydrating and collagen mask for the time being. He made my skin sound like some petrol station with massive influx of oil waiting to fill up -__-

As I wanted to get Kiehl's Clay Mask which I had finished last month as it was suitable for oily skin like myself but it was out of stock when I went to buy them at Bugis!!

Luckily, I happened to chance upon a Clay mask - Clinelle Blemish Clear Mask which I managed to find at Guardian. Trust me, these days it is really tough sourcing for a normal Clay mask.

So far, I have been using this mask for twice a weekly. In total about 6 times and I am glad to have witnessed some goodness in it despite it although I must say I am quite apprehensive about it initially as it is a brand that is rarely heard of (at least for me) and I have no friends using it till date.

After much research on it, I will share some information for the benefits of the rest of the population who like me suffers acne from time to time and usually stick to familiar brands ot.

CLINELLE BLEMISH CLEAR MASK 50ml - Clear blemishes, soothe and protect
 A clarifying and refining mask to effectively clear blemishes, tighten open pores and control excessive sebum production. Skin is soothed for a refined texture.

For oily & blemish prone skin
Helps absorbs excess oil and clear skin congestion
Reduce sensitivity of inflammed skin within 7 days
Keeps pores clean of impurities that causes blemishes, dead skin cells, oils and bacteria.

You will be happy to know that this is dermatologist tested with NO artificial colouring, fragance, comedogenic ingredients, lanolin, mineral oil and SD-alcohol. Thus, it would be perfect for oily but sensitive skin in my opinion since I am a combination of both. I know, I know that shucks... :(

How to use this?
1) Apply generously over cleansed face and neck. (For me, I skip the neck portion)
2) Leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
3) Rinse off with water thoroughly.
4) Follow up with Toner and Moisturizer.
5) Avoid contact with eyes

Clay mask are good for balancing out oily skin and has the ability to draw out impurities or toxins from the skin.
It is especially good for problematic/ acne or oily skin as it can be drying. You might want to take note that the darker brown the clay is, the more oil it can absorb. White or rose coloured clay mask are gentler and works better on sensitive skin. This mask is creamy white in case you are wondering. This mask is good for people who wish to deep cleanse their face with its disinfectant properties that can help reduce the redness for mild acne and inflammations. It helped me prevent new blemishes formation by unclogging the pores and blackheads after using it twice rigorously weekly. Personally, I think this works better for mild acne and combination skin.

I will update on the review for Kiehl's Clay Mask soon for people who are suffering major breakouts while I did last 2 months when my Skin doctor diagnosed my skin as OILY back then. It has now subsidized and I am rotating this lightweight mask and Kiehl's mask as now my skin is moving between OILY and COMBINATION. I use Kiehl's when it is the time of the month. Will update on the review for OILY skin ladies as it has helped me quite a fair bit and I have since bought the 2nd bottle from Orchard. (Bugis Store was the one when I realise it was SOLD OUT)... :(

This is much more value for money at $39.90 at Guardian.
More suitable for sensitive combination Skin.
For dry skin to deep cleanse, you may have to hydrate your skin well after the mask.
Gives a refreshing and soothing feeling without the skin feeling tight.

It is only a 50ml. By the time you are comfortable using it, the tube is almost half gone and I have trouble squeezing the remaining out. I have used this tube for almost 6 times and it feels like half of it is left. Not sure if I have been overgenerous with it.
Not suitable for oily or very oily skin as it is a little creamy.

Rating: 4/5
Must try for almost all skin types to deep cleanse once in a week. Dry and sensitive skin, please use it once a week or every 2 weeks if you would like. Pretty good mask I must say.

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