Sunday, June 1, 2014

Korea, Seoul Trip Part I - Lotte World 

It was my first trip to Korea and I am pleasantly surprised by the food, culture and entertainment. Honestly, I had a fantastic time in Seoul and in Yongpyong Ski Resort.

However, I will be sharing more on the Theme Park first as I am still a kid at heart. I aim to go to all theme parks round the globe but then again, whether I can fuifil it is another matter all together :)

Lotte World is actually one of the largest Indoor Theme Park (in Guinness World Record) and it is a must go regardless you are an adult or kids. It is an experience not to be missed as it is one of the highlights.

There is also an outdoor amusement park - Magic Island where all the rides are. In Asia, this is considered one of the world class theme parks together with Tokyo Disney.

If you could, do spend a day or two in Lotte World Hotel as it can be quite tiring. It is located in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu. It is quite accessible from Jamsil Station.

As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words.

Lotte World Hotel
Indoor Theme Park

The rides for indoor are mainly for kids as it is pretty mild except for the last one. It reminds me of my childhood days in East Coast - Viking (if I can recall correctly.)

Walking out to Magic Island - Outdoor Adverture starts!!

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Going to Theme Parks makes one feel like a kid again. Back to the basics - Good old days where I can revive sweet memories of my childhood. It brings back the carefree and free-spirited me whilst I was there. Whilst I am typing this, I cannot help but have a wishful thinking to fly to Seoul once again =)

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