Monday, September 15, 2014

KIEHL's Mask and Sunscreen

Less is more when you are using the correct products and sufficient to meet your requirements for your skin at that point in time. I already on my way to the 2nd bottle of mask. I used to be a lazy bum who refused to conform to any beauty regime until my perfect complexion was under the attack of blemishes!!!
Any of my close friends would know that I love Kiehl's products to death as it works perfectly well for me when my skin was sensitive to almost any products on Earth due to stress beyond imagination!

So far, I have used their Rare Earth Mask to help control my "never ending oil field" and it definitely helped alot as I instructed by my dear skin doctor that I am only supposed to use Clay Mask. Beauty fans would know how tough it is to get your hands on these especially when the market is only filled with hydrating and collagen sheet masks.

Oily, Acne Skin personnel like me are left abandoned in the open :( till I found out about this.

KIEHL'S Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection
Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Intensively Purifies to Minimize
Pores with Amazonian White Clay

The same purifying masque Kiehl's customers know and love, now with intensified Amazonian White Clay
to help to purify skin. Skin feels wonderfully smooth, incredibly clean.
Texture of the mask:

How it looks on me. Fret not, it is me not a ghost!!!

After using it, your skin will feel fresh and clean without the taut feeling or the oilness after that. Your skin will be less shiny the next few days after usage. :)

Saying that, please do not forget your Sunscreen every morning. Sensitive yet oily skin, help is on the way.

Kiehl has an ultra liightweight sunscreen which doesn't irritate my skin or make it red when I was having a pimply day. So just to share these information with people who are suffering like I used to, causing me much distress during my "long-overdue puberty pimply period".

Dermatologist Solutions Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++
An oil-free, fragance-free, colorant-free lighweight formula that provides broad-spectrum protection against 90% skin aging.

It has worked for me when my skin was practically sensitive to anything and everything. I hope by sharing, if you happen to be in distress and freting how you can reduce oilness and shine or suffering from mild acne, you may want to give these products a shot. I highly recommend these as it didn't cause any adverse effects and my acne condition has definitely improved after a period of faithful usage of them.

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