Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jakarta Part II - An Up and Coming Elite Place (Indonesia) 
Here are some places which I have seen in visited in Jakarta but yet to check it out personally due to time constraint. Please do feel free to share some details with me if you have hung out there and what is fun.

If I am not wrong, I think this area is called Pantai Indah Kapuk - a pretty new and developing area.

Here are some beautiful images which I just manage to sneak out some time to capture a glimpse of the beautiful area in Jakarta. So here I am sharing the beautiful images with you.

Personally, I feel with Indonesia developing at such a fast pace, more of these cafe joints will spring throughout the country in no time to come.

Afterall, the sense of entrepreneurship is pretty much strong and alive as compared to Singapore. This is something we can all learn from them I must admit. Saying that, that includes me =)

Chill Out Cafes

 Pubs/ Bars

Family KTV Lounge

 Golf Course


 Cluster Housing  

Too bad, they only allow citizens to purchase the property. Otherwise, this would be a perfect place for me to retire with a comfortable pace of life and fabulous Indonesian food. Great for people with spicy taste bud and love good food!

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