Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Travel In Style - Impressive Grand Hyatt Hotel (Indonesia)
I have recently travelled to Indonesia and I love it. It is not as crowded as Singapore as what I expected.

Here are some pictures to share the good moments I had in Indonesia, Jakarta.

Check out the bed. The bed is so welcoming and luxiourous that I cannot help but sleep throughout the night the moment my head hits the pillows. The only negative point I could gather was that I struggle to wake up every morning.

Check out the study table for business travellers and the "TV-console" look alike. It actually stores a mini refridgerator and some cups for you to enjoy the coffee whilst relaxing.
Didn't manage to take the L-shape sofa whereby you can relax by the side though. It was too dark and I was too tired from the travelling. 

Here is the bathroom area. Check out the bath tub and the restrooms. Very comtemporary and sleek design. I totally adore that Grand Hyatt provides bath foam and other toiletries like body lotion containing aloe vera.

Oh yes, the best part, they change the flower everyday. Making the bathroom look refreshing and I feel I am bubbling in love everyday. Ok, fine, I am cheery by nature. 

After staying in Grand Hyatt Indonesia for 3 nights, I must say beside the room luxiourous living. I am totally blown off by their service.

What is so impressive you may ask that differentiate them from others?
Personable service and the receptionist address you by your surname - Check
Room Cleaning service twice a day - Check
Comfortable and Clean Beds - Check
Flexibility in going the Extra Mile - Check
Thorough Security Checks - Check
Prompt and Responsive Service from Bellboy to Halting of Cabs and Other Additional queries - Check 
Conveniently linked to Shopping Mall, Indonesian Plaza (If I recalled correctly?)

I am definitely going back for more!!! I just can't get enough of their Nasi Padang, Mee Goreng and their prawn crackers are just delicious and crispy!!

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