Friday, July 24, 2015

Holiday in Taiwan - Hualien

Woohoo it was my first personal trip which I am travelling alone. 

I will update more on Taipei which I have explored quite a fair bit of places mainly scenery. 

Meanwhile, I will let the pictures do most of the talking and tata, I got quite a number of unexpected pleasant surprises which I am totally off guard but am very very appreciative how warm and friendly Taiwanese are. 

Hualien natives are generally more welcoming compared to their counterparts in Taipei so don't be taken back if they are more chatty and friendly. :) 

 I stayed 2 nights in Hualien and had  a fantastic time in Just Sleep Hotel in Hualien. For their service standards, I give them a total perfect 10. No qualms about that. They made my stay a much more enjoyable one than expected and their excellent service totally blow me off. Nothing much to shop there except a few bakery and one shopping mall. 

There are 2 night market but I only went to this one called " Zhi Qiang Ye Shi".

As I went alone, I couldn't really try a variety of food but I think I would want to try those below when I next visit as I was really really too full when I saw these stores. These are my shortlisted candidates the next time I pop by Hualien. It is really a laid back place away from the hustle and bustle of the city which I need from time to time for my solitary moments.

I only managed to try these food from "Zhi Qiang Ye Shi" and the nearby areas before I had to call it a day.... Though I enjoyed my peace and travelling at my own pace, when it comes to meal times, I always wish I could teleport all my friends to share the food with me and I could have tried a greater variety of food. It would have been a joy!! LOL!!

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