Friday, May 20, 2011

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream

What is it about?
Introducing your secret to flawless skin with NEW clear smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream
Be the envy of others with the perfecting cream that does nothing short of a miracle on your skin. CLEAR SMOOTH 8-in-1 BB CREAM covers like foundation but doesn’t cake, protects like sunblock but isn’t sticky, and moisturizes like skincare without being oily! Thanks to a Korean actress who discovered the formula, what used to be a secret of dermatologists in treating patients after laser surgery has now become a sensational hit from Korea to Germany and the world over! BB “Blemish Balm” Cream is, simply put, an amazing beauty innovation that serves as your all-in-one everyday essential. 

Why use this?
Contains 8 healthy minerals ingredients – Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Sodium, Titanium and 3 Iron Oxides
Comes in 2 shades – Fresh and Natural
Time and cost saving cream – it helps to moisturize your skin, protects like a sun block and covers like a foundation.
Ease of use
How can this help?
Smoother skin
Brings radiance and glow to your face
Hydrating your skin
Improves clarity
Less dark spots
Reduced redness
Minimize enlarged pores
Better natural appearance
Treatment tried and tested – Clear Smooth 8 in 1 BB Cream (Natural shade)
Personal Opinion
Honestly, I am not a fan of BB creams as I have oily skin and I have this perception that creams tend to be too “rich and oily” for my ever active oil producing face. I have been using the cream for 4 days already and I must say it does make a difference to my skin tone after I applied it. In my personal opinion, I like using this as this is fuss free and time saving for me especially in the mornings when I am a sleepy bird. 

I will just slap this BB cream on after bathing and I am good to go.
This BB cream does a really good job of brightening up my otherwise dull skin tone making me look more radiant than usual – a rosy glow to my face. As for coverage, it is pretty decent to cover up some of my red blemishes and enlarged pores especially on my cheek area. However, do note that this cream could be a bit too heavy for oily skin types as by mid day, my skin starts to be shiny on both cheeks area and forehead. Thus, I would suggest if you are going bare face with BB cream and cosmetics, it would be more advisable to slap on some face powder after BB cream to mattify face so that it doesn’t shine too much by mid day. Otherwise I would think this would be a good alternative to ditch my foundation and just use this for daily lightweight coverage with healthy minerals.
Overall rating for this product
Definitely worth a try at an inexpensive price of $16.90! Good for daily usage as it is hassle free and knowing how this can act as a lightweight make up yet caring for your skin like a skincare product. Would give this 8 out of 10. If it could help my face remain more shine free till evening, I would say it is a perfect 10 =)


  1. Ware can you buy this I haven't seen it yet, I go everyday to m,y local drugstores, grocery stores,beauty supplies,Ulta ect looking for new products others I want and don't have and never seen this..I want to try this for a review.TY

  2. Hi, sorry I didn't have notifications for comments somehow.
    You can get this at most Watsons and Guardian.
    But well, there will be a new BB cream out and I think you may like it too. Do look out for my post on the new ZA BB cream soon. I am currently trying it out which should be launhced in mid May 2012. Thanks.