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Background and Profile

Holistic Spa with hybrid concept and thematic rooms

No time to jet off to an idyllic resort for a pampering spa treatment? No problem! Chrysalis Premiere can take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and transport you to the sunny beach of Koh Samui, to a colonial castle in Rome and even to space!

No, we don’t mean literally taking you to these places but giving you an inkling of being in different continents without even getting out of Singapore. We’re talking about enjoying a pampering spa session in the various thematic rooms at Chrysalis Premiere, Orchard Central.

To give customers a refreshing experience and the feeling of being ‘away from home’, the urban escapade is designed with thematic treatment rooms like Galaxy room that propels you right into The Milky Way; Garden room offers a natural sanctuary with wood-grained wallpaper and a cascading floral arrangement; Retro room dressed in monochrome geometric prints and a disco ball-inspired lighting; The Chinese room depicts chinois chic with scarlet red walls and a Chinese screen.

Spanning over 1,600sqf, this luxury-themed, boutique-style spa has its niche in the unique hybrid concept, fusing the essence of Asian and Western therapies. Traditional massages, exotic body scrubs and mud wraps are adopted from East-Asia and fused with Western techniques and ingredients.
Recently, the spa has also incorporated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments into its slew of offerings. All spa therapists are trained to provide clients with qualified recommendations concerning the procedures available, and to impart information about the various treatments and their purposes.


Signature Treatments
Let our signature treatments available revitalize your body, soothe away your anxieties and help you to rediscover peace of mind and total relaxation.  
Couple Indulgence
A must try for couples to indulge themselves in our holistic treatments specially designed to pamper you and your loved ones.
Face Beauty Spa
Face spa tailored to suit your skin type with consultation of our professional beauticians. Experience visible facelifts and skin glow after the treatments.         
Anti-Pigmentation Treatment with Sonotherapy
Indulge in Chrysalis’ signature “East meets West” intensive anti-pigmentation with sonotherapy to promote healing of the skin, reduce pigmentation, lifting and firming of skin. Experience visible improvements to a younger fresher looking skin.
Body Wellness
Enjoy invigorating aromatic massages to revitalize your senses, body and soul. Leaving you awake and refreshed.
Special Treatments
Check out other treatments offered – Eyebrow Embroidery, Creative eyebrow, waxing, reduction of eye bags and dark eye circles, bust care and more.

Treatment tried and tested – Face Beauty Spa

Personal Opinion

Generally, I am not someone who explore new or relatively unfamiliar names (to me at least) for facial treatments unless circumstances are as such that I need to rest awhile or I am waiting for my friends. In this case, it was both as I was waiting for my BFF and need to kill some time. Since I definitely need to “clean” up my skin after my long trip overseas leaving my skin dry and yet oily in the inner layers, I decided to pop by almost any salons checking if they have a slot for facial there and then. It was an impromptu appointment and I was just trying my luck. However, it is recommended you book your appointment as I walked almost 5 salons before you can get a slot as one of the customers has cancelled hers. I should have just bought 4D and TOTO that day. Darn.

I opted for their face beauty spa treatments and came out very pleased indeed. As I have mentioned, whiteheads and blackheads are my biggest problem. The therapist was pretty experienced and after taking a look under the white light. She mentioned that I had oily skin beneath and dry outer skin thus producing more oil glands and cause my “shiny” face. Nope, shiny is not a replacement word for dewy and radiant face. 

She advised me to alternate between acne treatment product and some hydrating products to ensure some balance in the skin which I totally appreciate. And no, she did not hard sell me anything so I was definitely impressed. She proceed to cleanse my face with both cleansing milk and cleansing gel before applying softening lotion (an alternative to steaming the face as she mentioned it would cause enlarged pores) to soften the dirt before extraction. True enough, extraction was not as painful as I thought despite the therapist squeezing out quite a fair bit of “fresh cream” from mainly my forehead and cheeks. 

Yes, she told me it was” fresh cream piping hot” from the pores as it was soft and not hardened ones so it must be newly formed. Later, she proceeds to minimize my pores with their cold gel treatment and mask. I like the fact she bothered to explain each steps and the purpose of it especially since it was my first time visit. Saying that, of course I came out of the salon with a fresh face and no red marks or visibly extracted face which I am glad since I would be shopping in the heart of town – Orchard that day.

After this first and one session, I am impressed and I would not hesitate to pop by for another treatment or try out other treatments they have to offer. After all, first impression does count.

Location and Contact

181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 
#08-13 Singapore 238896


Facilities: 8/10 (Spacious room without me knocking into the walls while changing into the robe ) 
Service: 9/10
Effectiveness: 9/10
Location: 8/10 (near Orchard MRT)
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (Try their signature face beauty spa treatments)

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