Friday, May 6, 2011

Burning questions I have...

Burning issues but unanswered. I would be glad to hear an objective perspective as long as it is logical.Pls, no name calling and respect others" opinions. This is a democratic society.

1) Why are the ministers so high pegged to top 8 highest earners but they do not have the same treatment? WKS can get away with responsibility and still continue to run for election when a TERRORIST had escaped through a toilet window? Do you think this a small matter as compared to say frauds? Where is the accountability and responsibility if there are no consequences to the mistake?

2) Whilst Singaporeans was in the midst of financial crisis, why wasn't the government salaries reduced or pledged to help the thousands of retrenched staff and needy? We are ONE nation and leaders should lead by example if they want to be respected. Where is the equality when we commoners suffered the fear of job loss, retrenchment, no bonus or wage freeze? Why wasn't PUBLIC transport fares reduced to help the people and unemployed to go for interviews? PUBLIC transport, GST reduction utilities bills and essentials should have been adjusted in conjunction with health of economy.

3) Why was there no transparency or accountability of the monies invested using the sovereign funds or town councils? It belongs to all of us, Singaporeans. We understand that investments has it's risks but we need and have a right to know how much we had and how much we left since it was contributed by the sweat and blood of every one of us.

4) If every singaporeans was treated as equals, why are residents of opposition wards last priority to the funds for upgrading? They pay the same taxes and have the same government as PAP wards. They are not any less singaporeans, are they? If we recite the pledge, we are a democratic country with equality. Doesn't this contradict our pledge and national song of One Singapore? If Eric low said hougang flats are slum, how can the government not help? Both parties serve the government, isn't it?

5) If PAP wants to attract top talents to run the system, it is fine as long as they still have passion to serve the people. But why are they paid so highly and fail to realise that there are lack of hospital beds, affordable medical and housing that leads to the problem of low fertility rate which was in turn blamed on us? No job/low pay + inflation + high housing prices + no money = stress = how to have mood for sex = low fertility rate

6) What took PAP so long to know the people concerns? Nearly 5 years, 3 days before election? Correct me if I am wrong. My understanding is that government is to serve the people not the other way. If you want to run it like an organisation, then you must be capable and be able to produce results. In 2006, LHL pledged to not the people behind but why is the income gap between the rich and poor widening. Btw, the rich includes most or all the PAP ministers. Can you really say, I can feel and hear you people?

7) When oil prices increase, PUBLIC transport fares increase. When it fell during the crisis, why was the fare not adjusted in proportion? This includes essential goods and services like rice, sugar, healthcare and stuff? A good leader will ster the people out but do they suffer the same hardships as people do like tightening their belt for basic groceries? Shouldn't ministers pay take a cut when the economy went into negative growth when you are paid the highest in the whole wide world but one of the smallest country with less responsibilities than a bigger country with more cities?

8) If MBT said public housing was affordable and no down payment required, does it mean my CPF is not my money? Did he take into consideration of the increase in housing as compared to wages? The percentage of the increase comparatively? When he say affordable like quarter of our incomes, does it mean lifetime Debt of 30-40years? That means we work till 70/75 noting that CPF contributions reduced from age 35.

9) If the minister of transport had done such a good job then why are trains overcrowded which means a failure for forward planning for the transport infrastructure or a lack of communication and planning in conjuction with the high influx of population growth the government seek to have. Does this mean you are chewing off more than what you can bite? Does this show or prove that PAP candidates are more capable than opposition? How can we determine if PAP is indeed more superior than opposition?

10) What are the benefits of making a Singaporean baby if they don't get much better priority citizens benefits like foreigners do in our homeland? Such as all paid expenses for foreigners while our own Singaporeans in local Uni don't funded from our public funds, priority in housing, transport, medical and jobs?

11) Why are we treated like 3rd class citizens and asked to go JB for medical treatments when we can't afford it here? These leads to 2 issues: is our medical healthcare really affordable as claim by KBW? Doesn't this brings to the issues that commoners are facing difficulties on the ground?

12) PM promises job creation and he did but why are the retirees out on the street selling tissues, fighting with other elderly folks over scraps of cardboard and drink cans or becoming a cleaner and earning a meagre $500 monthly? If the policies have worked well and tweaked to help the needy, they would be working to pass time and not for bread and butter. PM said we like to be self reliant, I agree then why control the CPF monies? It seems like conflicting statements to me.

13) LSS told us to welcome foreign workers as they are cheaper, faster and better and that this is to allow SG to remain competitive. I agree then why dread "foreign" competition now when opposition comes and you preach but do not practise it? I would rather PAP graciously accept it and put up a capable clean fight not based not smear tactics. We should welcome foreign talent and embrace it as government mentioned. Only with competition, we will progress and will not be complacent.

14) What are the criteria for allowing foreigners to be citizens? Creation of jobs for singaporeans? Then what has Jet Li and Gong Li contribute and help Singapore with besides awareness that SG exists?

15) Why were there threats in asset depreciation if opposition wins? Isn't housing marked to market demand and supply and that opposition wards are of lower values? Does this mean that the values has been artifically inflated? Why wasn't the housing policies tweaked earlier when PAP had a 5 year period to tweak the policies when the housing prices rise too quickly unexpectedly? If PAP candidates are top talents and capable, why did it take 5 years to realise? Shouldn't retraining be essential for the government to upgrade their listening and people' soft skills?

16) Why was there no further updates on the DR IONESE case for the hit and run cases in bukit panjang? Lives were lost and what will the government do to help the families cope? Their lives are priceless too.

17) What can PAP do for us and a better future? You mentioned you have a track record and better qualified candidates. But if LKY wasn't opposition then and fought for our independence, we would be where we are today too, right? Back then, he doesn't have a track record too but singaporeans believe and trust him.  

Both parties have new candidates which will eventually lead Singapore and both have no proven track records. I think we as citizens and payors should have a right to know what you can do beside telling us about yr capable candidates above that have failed? We all want to move on for a better future and we are grateful for policies that has worked and pay our dues in the form of high salaries over the years.
Pls do tell us what is more deserving of PAP than the other parties?

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