Friday, June 3, 2011

Svenson Hair Centre Review


SVENSON is a leading brand at the vanguard in research and development of solutions for hair and scalp problems using the most advanced technologies. With over 50 years of trichological expertise and knowledge, Svenson offers scientific diagnosis and customized & effective solutions to almost all hair problems. Operating a global network of hair centers today, there are 54 branches worldwide, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and of course, Singapore.

Services provided

When you visit Svenson, we will determine the precise cause of your hair loss problem and devise a personalised hair and scalp care programme to combat it. Beginning with a professional analysis of your hair and scalp condition, our experienced trichologist will help to put in place a multi-strategy programme tailor-made to your hair loss problem.

Svenson's hair loss solution combines the most effective mix of:

Revolutionised pharmaceutical findings from USA & Europe

Breakthrough formulations consisting of natural herbs

Supervised sessions using the latest electronic and laser technology

Stress management and nutritional advice from qualified professionals

Solutions offered for all hair and scalp problems:

Oily Scalp
(Greasy Hair)
• Abnormal reactions of the scalp due to high levels of DHT and profuse sweating.
• Accumulative sebum build-up.
Svenson's Solution
• Controls sebum production by minimising oil gland activities.
Dandruff & Scaly problem
• High levels of yeast which aggravate faster epidermal shedding.
Svenson's Solution
• Controls yeast activity.
• Removes dead skin and normalise epidermal cell production.
• Neutralize scalp environment.

Abnormal hair loss
• Sudden change in body chemistry that reverts hair growing phase to dying phase.
• Contributing factors include stress/shock, medication & crash dieting.
Svenson's Solution
• Stabilise growth cycle.
• Stimulate hair re-growth.
• Increase blood and nutrition circulation.

Bald Patch (Defined)
• Auto-immune problems can be triggered by stress, insect bite.
Svenson's Solution
• Stabilise auto-immune reaction.
• Stimulates and regenerates growth of hair.

Receding hairline
• Genetic tendency aggravated by stress, poor scalp care, bad diet & poor health.
• High levels of DHT on the scalp.
Svenson's Solution
• Reduces formation of DHT.
• Nourishes hair roots and lengthens growth cycle.

Personal Experience and would I recommend this to my friends?

After going through the analysis, the consultant informed me that I had oily scalp and reclining hairline problem and offered me a mixture of treatments in package to alternate the oily scalp treatment and hair loss treatments weekly. I have signed up for the promotional package of $38 for each session – 20 sessions to be shared with myself and one other friend. After going on weekly / bi weekly basis, all they did was to wash my hair, massage with hands and a weird looking machine with different serum (depending on the treatment) and scalp mask.  Sad to say, I really do not see any difference or improvements in my reclining hair line or less oily scalp and never went back there after my package ended. It didn’t really help that I requested for a respective therapist for the following session but was told it is not possible when I went down. When the therapist wash my hair, either water droplets will roll down my face or when dry-blowing my hair, I would appreciate if they could shield my face from the “slapping hair”. In this aspect, I think they could do much better though I wasn’t super unhappy as the service staff was generally polite and would be apologetic if they had made a mistake. Personally I did not recommend the treatments to others as it didn’t work for me neither was I was very satisfied with the service to try out the treatments for a longer period of time as I am aware results may be visible after many sessions over a longer period of time.

Overall rating
Facilities: 7/10 (Have internet and magazine but note slow internet connection )
Service: 6/10
Effectiveness: 6/10
Location: 7/10 (near Orchard MRT)
Overall rating:6.5 /10 (Try their signature face beauty spa treatments)

            Location and Opening hours

Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
#B1-59 Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648886

Mon-Fri (11.00am - 9.00pm)
Sat (10.30am - 7.00pm)
Sun/PH (10.30am - 6.00pm)
Closed on Thursdays


  1. Mother in law bought a package and had a major allergy on her face! She had to go To a dermatologist to solve it. Svensons does not refund. Be careful on buying any package. The persons there are consultants not doctors.

  2. Yes, you are right. But most places does not do refunds. :(
    Guess the next I have to try would be hair implants soon. -_-

  3. Technology also has reduced the interaction with family members. Another problem is the environmental damages like air pollution,water pollution and noise pollution.

    lifestyle centre

  4. Dear Chris, yup but I guess stress is another factor too.. Need to have a more relaxed life! :)