Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beauty Host / Uspa @ Bukit Batok

Treatment - Uspa Facial


1) Breathe purifying essential oil to relax and calm the body before  removal of make up and softening of dead skin cells with cleansing milk for face and eyes.

2) Double cleansing with bamboo awakening foam to cleanse clogged pores before she used a gentle scrub to remove the upper layer of dead skin.

3) An layer of exfoliating wipe was then applied to my face for about 10 mins before it was washed off for extraction. Surprisely, the extraction was bearable considering the fact that there was no steaming to open up my pores? Honestly, I soirt of like this exfoliating wipe though it feels alittle tingly.

4) After extraction, my therapist helped to trim my untidy brows into my preferred shape. Perfect 10 for this.

5) After which, an essential oil was applied on my face and she did a finger press massage and slight lifting massage for my face (Normal face massage would be done on usual occassion was not suitable for me that day as I have too many whiteheads extractions. FYI, normal massaging of face will firm and contour the face shape increasing blood circulation and stimulate oil glands thus may cause more break outs if it is done.) The therapist will advise you accordingly on which would be more suitable for each individual.

6) Subsquently, a cold thick green mask was customized to your skin type before application which in my case was to calm my skin and reduce redness after extraction and to control the sebum from within. Whilst letting the mask to dry off, I was given a firm shoulder massage for 15mins for overall well being.


Redness was reduced immediately and my face felt more radiant and refreshed. Eye contours have definitely firmed up with the lifting massage applied. Definitely quality products as I went to research this products and realised despite it being a neighbourhood salon, it has brought in quality products from Australia I believe. Comparatively, the radiance on my face lasted for almost 1 week which I am happy about :) I have bought their uskincare - Aloe Face Saver with Green Tea (Oil free Hydrant gel) though I was too broke to try their serum. In case you are wondering, I have oily skin beneath and dry skin on the surface thus problematic skin -_-

Check out this website: http://www.uspa.com.sg/

Location & contact details

Beauty Host / Uspa
Blk 376 Street 31 #01-102
Singapore 650376

Contact: 6563 1665

Personal Rating

Facilities: 7/10 (Clean though room space abit small. Was told the Bishan branch was more spacious though)
Service: 8/10
Effectiveness: 9/10
Location: 8/10 (Near Bukit Gombak MRT)
Overall rating: 8/10
Would I recommend this to my friends: Yes, definitely.

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