Friday, June 1, 2012

A Typical Imaginary Conversation Overheard between Girl Chin Chin (CC) vs Girl Nana (NN)

Any resemblance to any girls out there is purely coincidence. 
CC: I have heard so much about girls who would stoop to levels beyond imagination to get a Bottega Ring or Bouquets of Flowers to post on Facebook. 
NN: Oh my, that is so cheap of the girl to stoop such means just to get attention and for such gifts. If you want to be a leecher, either do it in a big way or DON'T. 
CC: What do you mean do it in a Big Way? Most Girls these days are already asking for the skies on the 5Cs
The 5Cs are as listed below:  
C - Cash [$1 is also cash]
C - Condo [1 Room with 500sf also Condo]
C - Career [ 80% of the employees earn 20% of the wealth]
C - Credit Card [Debt??]
C - Car [Debt??]
CC: Ermmm, that is passe I guess. For me, if I want to be a Material Girl. I would rather go for just the Bs.  
NN: What nonsense are you spouting about? What Bs? Is it something new?
CC: See below.
The 7Bs are as listed below:
B - Business [Afterall, being an employee will never get you to the top 1000 income earners in Singapore =) ]
B- Bungalow [VS Condo]
B - BMW [ As you know, car models ranges from QQ to Rolls Royce]
B - Bentley
B - Benz
B - Billiions [Of coz only major currencies accepted. Cash can range from $1 to you know billions and trillions]
The last and not least, you are not spared after death. :(
B - Beneficiary
(Assumption: If you can afford such cars and properties, I am assuming it is paid in full not in debt. )
Saying that, you might noticed that there are no F here, ermmm as in Ferrari 599GTO.
Afterall, some Fxxx driver out there has created such a sick accident that it is not cool anymore. (at least in my opinion, sorry Ferrari drivers, guess some black sheep in town has done something so evil that I no longer look at the car with envy these days.) 
I think it will scare the shit out of me and my mouth if if I am a passenger sitting in one especially with some dumb garang driver out there.
It is NOT cool to show off and kill innocent lives. Go burn in hell, You murderer!!

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