Thursday, June 21, 2012

This is my first car which I have bought - Presenting SUBARU R2

Check out how pretty and ladylike this is which is totally unlike me :)
Side view (on wedding date of my BFF)

However, if you wish to have a car to commute from point A to point B, this is a pretty cool car you can consider since ahem our public transport is not very reliable these days. "STOP AND STARE, I THINK I AM MOVING BUT I GO NOWHERE" best describe my journey to work the last few times.... Hopefully, they can nationalize it since it doesn't seemed to help on competitive efficiency despite it being privatised in my personal opinion. Hopefully, the trains get up and running smoothly pretty soon and no fare increases please!!! =)
Coming back to "Subaru Baby Junior", it is the perfect size for commuting and is economical. Ladies do not have to worry about parallel parking since it takes up approximately only half a lot and you don't have to worry about drifting on the roads. Likelihood, you are still within your lane. =)
Interior is beige creamy white and non-plasticly like some of the more economical version. Finishing is not bad with the hinges and stuff all nicely in place with quality assured. But when it rains heavily, you can forget about having a conversation in the car. It will be a shouting match, trust me. Hahah :)
Understand that this no longer launched as a new baby in the market, but you can still get it off the second hand market if it is still viable. Of course, if COE is more than the car, you are better off getting a better car model.
Sorry babes but I am NOT selling it as I have since sold this off. I am just blogging about it as I truly missed it. I mean it as it is my FIRST LOVE and will remain part of my most memorable memories. And, where else can you get ELF ears side mirror. Ok, now i sound bimbotic... Darn...  
Check out the pretty pictures of it!!
Front view

Back view

Oh yesh, saying that it has its flaws too before you jump into the bandwagon of getting it. The performance or rather "pick up" speed is pretty slow. But well, what else can you ask for from a 600+cc car? You can still cruise smoothly at the expressway comfortably at 80-90km/ hour and it doesn't drink petrol like water. Guess something gotta gives for its economical fuel consumption right? :)

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