Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After much delay, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I can finally rest after much hustle and bustle in my daily life and blog about what I love.
It has been a hectic year for me travelling around and pursuing back my passion for life.
Thus, I was able to squeeze out some part of myself to participate in the exciting SOTHYS PARIS products event.

We were invited to SOTHYS event in Singapore and received some generous goodie bags to review the Cosmeceutic Care products range.

About SOTHYS – The touch of luxury. The beauty of innovation. The vision of perfection.

SOTHYS is a global leader in professional skincare innovation. Founded in Paris in 1946, the skincare brand at the forefront of cosmetological research, respected for its unique insight into complementing them with professional expertise that today women all over the world hold sacred. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Sothys has continuously delivered integrated and targeted solutions that cover a complete range of care, from face to sun treatments, with strong focus on the sensorial.

Products and Treatments – What is the rave about their Cosmeceutic Care (Hydradvance™)?

Inspired by GENE science, SOTHYS’ advance research in cosmetogenomics (Science of genes applied to cosmetic science) have ingeniously created HYDRADVANCE™ COSMECEUTIC PROGRAMME using Sothys’ patented H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex to boost the healthy cells and 1055 Boletus Extract to stimulate the genes to restore skin’s ability to REHYDRATE itself.

Combined with other active ingredients, 1055 Boletus Extract acts on 2 main functions to restore the skin’s ability to re-hydrate itself:
Optimizing Hydric Flows:

Storing sufficient water in the dermis layer that acts as a water reservoir for the skin.
Regulating water circulation which travels from the dermis to the epidermis through proper and functional channels.
Retaining water that reaches the epidermis layer to achieve a well-hydrated skin.
Reconstituting the Barrier Function:
Reactivating and improving individual functions of the skin’s protective layer.
Providing optimal protection from oxidative stress.
Restoring cell communication to optimize and sustains the skin’s function.

What are the products?

Hydradvance™ Intensive Hydrating Serum
A fresh and gel textured intensive serum immediately hydrates the skin with Ultra-moisturizing Complex to regain suppleness, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It also enhances the performance of the creams and boosts their effectiveness for a long-lasting effect.

Hydradvance™ Light / Comfort Hydrating Cream

Formulated with Sothys’ patented 1055 Boletus extract, this fresh and soft cream regulate skin hydration, leaving it comfortable, supple and protected all day long. Comfort Cream is suitable for Dry skin type.

Hydra-Nourishing Mask

Moisturizing and nourishing mask immediately hydrates the skin and provides absolute comfort with Precious oils duo, leaving it supple and radiant.

Reviews and Effectiveness of the products tried and tested personally?

Hydradvance™ Light Cream
After using it in the mornings and before bedtime for 2 weeks, my skin definitely feels more hydrated with less laugh lines around the mouth and eyes area. Skin feels firmer with more moisture “implanted” in the skin. In my opinion, I would recommend Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream for oily and combination skin like myself. Rating: 5/5. One of my favourite lightweight moisturer so far.

Hydra-Nourishing Mask
Especially good for days when you are having a late night out definitely. Make me looks fresh and dewy the next morning as if I had a full night of beauty rest.
I recommend alternating this hydrating mask with a clay mask twice weekly for oily and combination skin to keep blemishes at bay whilst keeping skin resilient and hydrated.

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