Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living Right - A spot of trouble

Just sharing of information. Till the day I get blemish free and flawless skin, I will continue to battle against the war of ACNE..

Due to my recent outbreak of acne caused by hormones changes due to stress and lifestyle. I have read countless articles and some of the information would be pretty useful:

Research has found that women are now more susceptible to acne throughout 20s to 30s and beyond if they do not suffer from it during adolescence which was exactly what happened to me.
Main culprit - STRESS.

Main targets - Women whom are high fliers and high pressure jobs are most at risk, especially those who has to balance career and looking after a family. (Based on a study from Nantes University Hospital in France)
What causes Spots/ Acne/ Pimples and Blemishes?

They are caused by an excess of an oily substance called sebum released from tiny glands in the skin.
Sebum helps keep the skin moist moist and protected but when bacteria get into the skin's pores, the glands becomes infected and blocked.
The pressure from infection builds and forms a pus-filled bump on the skin - commonly known as a whitehead.

How does stress cause acne in women?
Stress triggers production of male hormone cortisol - also known as the stress hormones which in turn increases the production of oil, blocking the pores.
Women unfortunately are 3 times more likely to get adult acne as they are more sensitive to male hormones released.

What is the main problem?
Acne in older people are harder to treat because it is deeper under the skin.
The study also found out that 85% of women had acne attacks just before amd during their menses.

Old wives tales on oily or sugary food can lead to acne?
It may have an element of truth to it.
Foods with high glycaemic index can increase production of acne-triggering hormones.
A study in UK have found that women smokers are more prone to skin problems.
Nicotine can boost production of sebum but also deplete Vitamin E, vital for skin repair.
Thus, do NOT attempt to comfort eating and smoking to relieve stress.
Both could likely be adding to your skin woes.

Sad Fact?
Asian skin is more at risk due to a higher amount of skin pigmentation. This leads to higher risk of scarring shoudl acne be left untreated or worse when attempted to be solved via squeezing.
Whilst there are significantly higher solutions for such adult acne, a doctor's advice should be sought to find the right solution if other all methods such as facial fails.

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