Monday, April 11, 2011

Kate Cosmetics : No More Rules

Kate Cosmetics's motto " No More Rules" can't be more apt for those of us who live without restriction; the freedom to openly express ourselves. This week, I was invited to the first ever Kate Bloggers' event along with Ashlene. I also noticed many beauty bloggers there and the pretty faces behind the myfatpocket blogs were also present. As you can see the theme of the party is black & red, just like the logo for Kate and everyone was dressed accordingly too.

Mr Mikiya Hirai is from Japan and has flown specially to Singapore for this Kate Bloggers' Event. He gave us a demo on how to use KATE cosmetics to create a day look that is suitable for work and how to enhance the look into a NIGHT one that will bring you to the clubs in the evening.

There were a few tips dished out by him which I found useful. 

1) Highlighting the top of your forehead, nose, area around and under the cheeks and the chin area with the lightest foundation shade to create definition.

2) Sculpting the face by applying the darkest foundation shade across the sides of the jaws so give one's face a slimming effect.

3) Lining the outer lips with a similar foundation shade used for the face to create a sexy little pout. And dabbing a bit of silver/grey shimmer on the tip of center of the upper lips to emphasize the pout

Check out the pretty lady's finished look!

After the demo was done, we got to try out the cosmetics for ourselves and see if we could create our own NIGHT looks. Mr Mikiya was at hand to assist anyone who needed his expertise.

Don't you wish that everything here belonged to you?

So yes, we got to try out all of the KATE's cosmetic products you can see in the above photo.
Those shown in the above photo are all available in Singapore.
You may head down to KANEBO Counters for KATE products.

I am in love with this eye shadow palette, it looks so beautiful.

They even had cute cupcakes that matched the theme of the event.

Here is Mr Mikiya assisting Ashlene with eye shadow application.

Check out some of the photos  I took of the products below.

These are the double eye shadow palettes which gives you a total of 3 colors:
1 - the top color
2- the bottom color
3- mix both colors for another shade

This pressed powder is really good, it feels so smooth on my skin.

The ever so popular KATE gel liner.

Gel eye shadow... how cool!

The blushers... 

You must try their mascara especially with the base mascara that has fibers to extend the lashes to a beautiful length. 

Ashlene & I are both in love with this KANEBO blusher brush because it is so soft.

This is their concealer which is not bad, it is not sticky and conceals pretty well.

Dear KATE, thank you for the invitation. It was a fun event & I look forward to more in the future.

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