Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introducing Laneige - My Favourite Korean Brand
Prior to attending Laneige event, I have tried some of their items and must say that it is pretty impressive and comparable to some of the Japanese brands I use. It is a pity I didn't have a chance to try out more of their make up as I was late. :( Anyway, I was glad that I managed to make it for the event as their skincare was just as amazing especially the hydrating range which I will share in details below.
This is one make up which I have tried prior to testing out any of the their products and I must say I am hooked.

I am a fan of their Sliding Pact_Ex (Snow UV Crrystal) SPF35 PA+++. Its' fine powdery pact gently slides on your face like a second layer of natural skin whilst keeping excess sebum to portray a dewy and refreshed look. The fine powders in the sliding sebum control powder helps to absorb excess sebum, creating a clean and fresh complexion for the entire day.
Some of the product benefits:
- Portrays Transparent and luxurious, luminous glowing skin complexion [Snow Crystal Pure Powder].
- It is thin, has no darkening phenomenon,and glows like transparent, clear snow.
- Portrays sliding,smooth skin complexion [Sliding Smooth Powder].
- Easily modified and restored according to pressure,it aids[Snow Crystal Pure Powder] to be more conveniently and softly applied layer by layer,leaving skin sliding.
- Portrays healthy, and moist skin[Water Control Powder].
- After absorbing and saving excess water/oil contents, it keeps skin healthy by maintaing a balanceof water and oil when skin feels dry.
Ingredients and Effects:
- Snow Crystal Pure ~ Clear Skin expression
- Sliding Smooth Powder ~ Smooth Skin expression
- Snow Essence Powder ~ Skin Hydration
Luckily, I still managed to be in time to try out some of their skincare range which had been highly raved by some of my friends and magazines.
I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight yet hydrating their skincare was as I have very sensitive skin prone to acne break outs. It is no wonder it was one of their best selling and popular range raved by many others.
It is absolutely one full suite of range every lady should and must have for their daily ritual ~ The Water Bank
Check out the texture. A picture speaks a thousand words. It is so refreshing and watery without the oily, creamy feel.
Definitely something suitable for ladies with oily or combination skin type.
Make up base in different shades - to conceal redness, dark eye rings and for radiant complexion.
However, I find it tad too thick for my liking though the coverage to reduce redness and eye rings will good.
This got to be my favourite part of it all. I managed to sneak in a mini make-over despite being late.
As my brows are pretty sparse, I always envy Korean beauties for their natural looking brows.
With Yuji, the professional make up artist, he did an amazing job of transforming my otherwise thin brows into naturale looking brow that helps frame my face.
As you can see, I am extremely happy and yes, I went to get their eyebrow pencils.. =)

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