Friday, July 27, 2012

Sally Hansen - Diamonds are a girl's best friend

When they say "Diamonds are every girl's Best Friend", they ain't lying about it. Apparently diamond dust powder particles have been infused for the Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour, amplifying the brillant shine and sparkles on every finger.

Your Diamond Collection fantasy begins with Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color:
Be drawn into a magical fairy tale fantasy, with each shade of the extensive selection (of 18 ultra-luxe shades) reflecting a distinct dimension of grandeur and beauty.
The range spanning across regal jewel tones, confectionary color, bold brights and ethereal sheers are all synthesized with diamond powder particles. Housed in a radiant faceted glass bottle reminiscent of a real diamond, each formula carries the brand’s trademark brilliant strength and quick touch dry-time.
Check out the Exceptional Dazzling Range with 18 Ultra- Luxe Shades as below:

These are available at $13.90 from Sasa, Watsons, Guardians, BHG, Robinsons and John Little.
I have also tried out the colur but was unable to capture some of the brillant shine especially for the Black Tie. I must say that I am totally blown off by its' shine and colour. I absolutely love it.

I have also learnt several take-away tips from this Sally Hansen event which I shall share below.

Removal of Cuticles This is the first time I am doing it on my own and honestly speaking, I am kind of nervous as if you are not careful, you may end up damaging cuticle bed and this may cause infection.
Steps to removing cuticles safely
1) Apply the Gel Cuticle remover around your cuticle area and leave it for 1-2 mins.
2) Push the softened cuticle back toward the base with the flat tip of the Orange Stick using gentle round motion
3) The excess cuticle will be seen on the flat tip. Do not attempt to cut your entire cuticle or forcefully push back towards your nail.
4) Then give your nails a quick rub with a cotton cloth and wash any excess solutions off your hands with running water

As I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to applying nail polish on my own (less than 10 times in my lifetime as I normally visit the manicurist instead), I am glad Sally Hansen's nail polish has a flat brush which make it for easier application in my opinion.

Before application (I presume you have already applied the base coat to strengthen and protect your nails)
1) Roll the bottle of nail polish gently between 2 palms to warm it. Do not roll it vigourously as it creates bubbles during application.
2) Open the bottle and remove excess nail polish by circling the brush round the opening.
3) Then press the brush down to the bottle next flat (as in horizontal to the bottle opening) to remove excess nail polish and to allow for even nail application for the first coat.

During application 1) Start from the middle of your nail and use the flat brush to swipe downwards to your cuticles then upwards (without lifting the brush).
2) Then using the other side of the brush to apply nail polish to both sides of the nail.

After application
1) Do let the first coat dry and work on the other fingers before application of the second coat.
2) Last but not lest, apply the quick dry top coat to strengthen and enhance your shimmering nails. It should dry within 60 seconds but do note only the top layer is dry so please avoid extreme situations.

The top coat will be available at $16.90 from Sasa, Watsons, Guardians, BHG, Robinsons and John Little.
3) Do remember to apply cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticles and nails!! Keep it happy!!

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