Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cakes for Celebration - Mother's Day is coming - 13th May 2012

Cakes for Celebration - Mother's Day is coming - 13th May 2012

I have always wondered is it Mothers' Day or is it Mother's Day? I am confused. Aren't we going to celebrate all Mothers Greatest Moments together?
If I could get my hands on this, I think moi Mama will love it. She definitely love flowers!!

Any suggestions where I can get delicious cakes beside Goodwood Park Hotel or Angie the Choice for durian cakes?

I have been getting "normal cakes" and ice-cream cakes for the past decades but after I seen cakes in Bangkok. Any normal cakes which I seen recently have been a tad pretty disappointing for me. Am looking at durian cakes as there is no comparsion at least in Bangkok. *-*

Bangkok SIAM PARAGON - During Valentine's Day period

I realised in terms of design and effort to beautify cakes for gifts or celebration is seriously lacking in Singapore.

See the pictures and you can understand how elaborate and how generous they are with the portion, design and icing.

Check out the cupcake mega big cake which I think Charlotte would go ga-ga over this!

Another of my BFF who is a *ahem* mature Lilo and Sitch fan would die to celebrate her Golden 30 with her favourite cake! (^_^)

OK, I understand it doesn't imply that those cream cakes are the best tasting but well, in terms of outlook of the cakes', they beat Singapore hands down. Honestly, I am not a fan of any cakes and pastries since I am like a carnivore most of the time.

But before you slam me in the face, I admit I am superficial but well, nice designs does help in helping the photos taken look good too!!!

Do drop me comments if you happen to know if there are any pretty cake designers around. Oh yes, cake designers :) Thank you.

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