Friday, April 27, 2012

“ WOW YOUR EYES” ZA Eyes Groovy – Brilliant and Bold Colours for the Runway

This is the Season for Candy Smokey Eyes, Sugary Sweet Pink Cheeks filled with Bright Liners
I totally love this range of Colours. Anyone will be blown off by the Spring/Summer Vibrancy.
It totally fits the Theme of our “Sunny Island” of Sunshine and Love.

What is New and Hot?
ZA EYES GROOVY Eyeshadows Palettes – RSP: $18.50

01 Lady Brown

02 White Illuminator

03 Icy Smoky

04 Aqua Squash



 01 Glowing Pink

02 Strawberry Pink

03 Pink Petal

04 Apricot Pink

05 June Bright

Personal Experience:

The #01 Lady Brown was the perfect gift for me. The colours are chic and professional which can enhance my eyes naturally and beautifully. This is the most versatile combination which every girl should have. With this, you can look elegant from day to night.

As for #04 Aqua Squash, it is a vibrant sunshine weekend look which I would totally love if I can do it well. Unfortunately, after several attempts at it doesn’t seem to have the same effect as what the ZA models carry off. I looked like GONGFU PANDA. I guess I didn’t have the personality to carry it off plus I need better eye make-up skills unless someone can sponsor me a professional make up course =). And yes, perhaps, I am way too serious and ahem *mature* for Playful Splash like this. =)

As for the Groovy Cheeks Colours, I totally love the sugary candylicious shades that I can just bite into them. It is just too tempting. The fine textured cheeks colours creates natural glowing finish and dewy skin. Plus, the fact it contains Vitamin E to nourish the skin. How can I resist such dual benefits? Make up and Skin care in one!

I personally prefer #04 Apricot Pink as I am pretty tanned for a lady. Of course, I like Cheek Colour #05 as it is called JUNE BRIGHT. Fits me to a T. It is a highlighter that adds 3D effect and light to the skin just that I brighten up someone’s else day. It is a MUST HAVE.

I definitely love this range as it is fun, daring and the quality of the powder texture is seriously comparable to some of the higher end brands I am currently using at a more attractive price of course. The fine texture powder (With Brilliant Powder Complex) allows you to spread evenly and blend perfectly after repeated overlaying. It melts into the skin to achieve beautiful graduation allowing for a natural and gorgeous look.

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