Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Desire Aesthetics @ Central Review

I went up to Desire @ Central by referral of my dear friend and was hooked on some of the treatments that I have personally undergone. Oh yes, I signed up again. (Sigh, I should just be a premier customer for all things beauty.) My main concerns are mainly my acne, my ever oil-producing sebum and panda rings.

Treatments that I have personally tried and tested.....

For Radio frequency (Eyes only)

-          warm sensation that tightens the eye areas and some of my laugh lines (ok, fine crow lines)
-          increase blood circulation which reduces the dark eye rings to a lighter shade
-          firm up the eye area and freshen up your windows of soul
-          Definitely effective for me but maintenance and discipline required (meaning intensive treatments and sleep early!!!)

Micodermabrasion (Face only)

-          a magic wand to remove black and white heads and top layer of the outer skin giving you a instant clear and smooth, even tone, fairness result. This would also allow for better absorption for any lotion after that since the pores are unclogged from dirt and oil sebum. It is definitely a necessity for clearing out all other necessary evil in my opinion. Must try!!

Acne Treatment Facial (Face only)

-          using formulated Acne Solution with machine that stimulates waves to help your skin to fully absorb the solution quickly.
-          Cold treatment gel is applied and spread over with Meso Cold Handle before Acne cold mask is applied.
-          Thereafter, you can snooze to the cozy ambience

IPL Acne Treatment (Face only)

-          Light treatment that promises to penetrate into the deeper layers to reduce rid bacteria from face that causes inflammation of acne.
-          Tingling sensation as if patting on the face (thou in my opinion, slightly painful as I have super low threshold of pain.)

Results of their skincare treatments

I find their signature treatment of Micro dermabrasion and RF for Eyes a must try as these have been proven to be the most effective for me. I can immediately see the visible difference after the first treatment, hmmm which was why I signed up for the package.

The Acne treatment facial was initially effective for me the first few times but subsequently it doesn’t seemed to work and my bumps (die-hard acne deep beneath the skin layers) still co-exist with me though they didn’t really pop up.

IPL Acne treatment was kind of painful for me and I resist doing it every time due to the “patting” of my face ( I felt slapped a thousand times -_- ) . It did not work for me as my bumps didn’t disappear as it should have since it is supposed to penetrate further into the skin layers. It could also be due to my hormones imbalance or stress levels though. Personally, I didn’t really like this as I can rest whilst having a “facial” and I don’t see my expected results for this.

Background of Desire @ Central

A premiere aesthetic boutique that offers a unique experience with the latest cosmetic treatments. We offer a complete range of aesthetic services for the rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Our programs are individually customized to each individual by our qualified staff producing clinically proven results. We are your sanctuary from a stressful world where modern living takes a toll on your skin and well being.

Desire Corporate Profile

Desire Aesthetics is an Aesthetics group in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia offering a comprehensive list of medical aesthetics services, focusing on age management.
Started in 2007, Desire's drive to excel in the beauty and aesthetics industry has been rewarded by impressive growth, which has helped transform Desire Aesthetics into an award winning centre today.
Desire Aesthetics have been voted by international publication, Tatler's Best of Singapore for the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Pledging to focus on quality, efficiency and superior customer service, Desire Aesthetics now boasts a network of 6 service centers covering Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Our range of service span from medical facials, non invasive anti-aging to slimming treatments. Desire also retails its own brand of medical grade, cosmeceutical skin care range called, "Object Of Envy". The Group is committed to becoming a premier medical aesthetics service provider in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Location & Details of Branch visited:

Desire @ Central
The Central #02-62/636
Eu Tong Sen Street

Operating hours :
Mon - Sun ( to 8.30pm)

Personal Rating:

Facilities: 8/10 (Overall, a variety of services offered to consumers)
Services: 8/10 (The staff was professional and tried to assist me when my over active oil glands exploded on me with follow up calls)
Location: 8/10 (Pretty convenient as located above Clarke Quay MRT Exit G )
Effectiveness: 8/10 (Among all the treatments, the most effective one for me is the Radiofrequency treatment for my dark eye rings)
Overall rating: 8/10 (Recommended to try their signatures like micro dermabrasion and RF Eyes)


  1. Hi June,

    I feel like trying but am worried that they might hardsell.

  2. Hi Vuvie,
    No worries, most places do but they are not very pushy in my opinion haha perhaps cause I am a sales person too.
    Not sure if it would help, but you see if it helps to say you would like to try out first and if you see effective results, you will definitely come back since it works for you?

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