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Review of Spa-Lon's ATP38 Treatment

If you remember previously, Ashlene did blog about Spa-Lon's latest breakthrough in beauty:
Do check out the blog entry HERE

Anyway, I have tried out the ATP38 treatment and would like to share it with you.
I've been attending quite a few beauty events with Ashlene (A Beauty Affair) so hence, I've decided to share as well.

That's Ashlene & me :)
We go way back when we met during a L'oreal roadshow :)
Anyway, do check out my ATP38 review below!

Working in sales, I always believed in a clean & fresh dewy face. Moreover, I have not experienced any pimply face whilst in puberty and it totally shocked me when my face had unsightly bumps & acne for 2 whole months. My face turned oily very quickly during the day during that period of 2 months ie. 2 hours after I apply make up and can melt any make up left (think: Fancl make up).

I was devastated as I have not experience the pimply stage except for some minor ones during puberty and I never thought this would happen to me one day. It could be due to my work stress due to a change of job, unhealthy diet & lifestyle that aggravate my first severe acne break out.

The break out have been so severe and frequent that it has taken an impact on my self confidence thus affecting my sales performance at work. After attending a talk on Spa-Lon on their treatments, I wanted to experience for myself how Spa-Lon can assist me in my ultimate goal of having a flawless & radiant glowing skin with their exclusive multifunction concept – THE ATP38.

Skin Analysis
Irene, the manager of the Tiong Bahru branch has been very patient explaining each step to me before proceeding with the treatment. My skin was identified as combination to oily skin and was put through their light therapy treatment for acne as it was my first priority to get rid of any bacteria living in my skin tissues.

Required Treatment
Irene told me that normally microdemarsion would be advised prior to the ATP 38 therapy but however in my case, it would stimulate my already overactive oil glands to cause more breakout thus she prefer to customize a treatment specifically to do the acne treatment to reduce the inflammation and told me come back another day to follow up with a micro dermasion & radio frequency for collagen for skin renewal. I appreciate the information as she is very professional and does not push you into all treatments at one go advising me which stage I should proceed with the certain treatment especially when I would be super vulnerable to any cure at that point of time.

Treatment Process
Immediately after Irene did my skin analysis, I was ushered into a white room & my face was placed under the ATP38 machine throughout the 40min to “detox” my face with my eyes covered. There was not much feeling after the normal cleansing of face except for the warm, fuzzy feeling from the light that can rock any adult to sleep. Normally, I would be wide awake due to the extraction of my many infinite whiteheads & blackheads but this time round, I must say this is one of my most relaxing “facial” with painless extraction with their upmost advanced technology using light (LED photomodulation) to penetrate into the skin cell membrane to kill off my inflamed acne. Yes, I admit I totally knocked out within the next 10min and was happily sleeping away Initially I was apprehensive of what this treatment could help me with as I felt that extraction (like CNY cleaning up) was required monthly to keep pores clean keeping bumps away

Results of the acne treatment
To be honest, I did not see immediate or quick results on the day itself or the next as my skin was just less inflamed and the bumps appeared to be smaller. Amazingly, only after 4 days to be exact after the treatment, the acne disappeared. I really mean disappeared. Normally when you press on your skin, you will feel that beneath it, there is a bump that is going to be out yet nothing visible like a mosquito bite. I totally hate that as mine could last as long as a matter of few months to for it to mature & be “ripe” for me to squeeze it out with my itchy fingers.

Background of Spa-Lon
The Spa-Lon is an established beauty spa since 1990 as one of the leading pioneers in the highly competitive field of beauty & skincare industry. It has gained a strong foothold by striving to be innovative & professional governed by their strong business model that aims to rebuild confidence in customers to flaunt their new found beauty.

How does it work?
LED photomodulation is the use of the biological properties of a colour, projected by a light-emitting diode.
This was first developed within the field of space venture technology for use in scientific experiments carried out on plants. They proved to have the ability to project light rays deep inside the tissues, stimulating their growth considerably. It was then discovered that infra-red light was able to assist in healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why does it work?
The ATP 38 device multi treatment LED photomodulation concepts enables it to replace 7 separate applicances making it 2 to 4 times more powerful than any other device in the market. It works due to a process of bio-stimulation, meaning stimulating all functions to encourage development & activation or inhibition of different aspect of the body in the aim of repairing any damaged zone.

Beneficial effects of the technique have been proven:
1) Pain relieving
2)Anti-inflammatory action
3)Re-balancing effect
4) Rebuilding & restructing action
5)Protection action against free radicals

Location & Details of branch I visited:

302 Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-08/09
Contact: 6276 6313

Business Hours:
Weekdays: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Personal Rating for Spa-Lon:

Facilities: 7/10 (Clean & neat facilities with lovely setting)
Services: 8/10 (Professional services with detailed procedures & best of all, not pushy or demoralizing)
Location: 7/10 (Pretty convenient as it was above Tiong Bahru MRT but I had to spend some time searching for the salon though)
Effectiveness: 9/10 (Seriously you got to experience this at least once)
Overall rating: 7.75

This is a place I don’t mind going back to since it is pretty near my office too. :)

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